Magnificent Monday

[social_share /] On August 29, Victoria Easter attended a sermon by Alistair Begg at Buckrun Baptist Church in Frankfort, KY. Here are some of the things Alistair Begg taught from the Scriptures. His text was 1Samuel 17 which is the familiar passage of David and Goliath.

Big Idea: The magnificence of God is set against the backdrop of human ordinariness.

Key Points:
–    Old Testament narrative is profitable for study.
–    Day after day, Goliath appears and challenges the people of Israel. The question underlying the text is: Who will answer the challenge?
–    The Israelite army had lost sight of God and, therefore, lost heart in the battle. As evident by the text Israel had mistakenly believed that they were servants of King Saul, not the living God.
–    Additionally, King Saul had become useless as a leader because he had lost sight of God.
–    How does God deal with evil? Often times through human ordinariness.
–    David recalls that God has delivered his people in the past, and will do so again in the future. His good memory produced sound thinking.
–    Providence: If I didn’t have a problem, I wouldn’t know God could solve it.
–    Of course, David was not perceived as being made of stout material to defeat a colossal giant. Thankfully, God isn’t looking for the football stars and cheerleaders of the high school. God is not dependent on any of us.
–    Yaweh’s adequacy, not David’s bravery, won the battle.
–    We see the account of David and Goliath echoing Genesis 3 (God promising to crush Satan’s head) and foreshadowing the cross of Christ. David’s sword is a symbol of God ultimately using Satan’s own weapon of Death against him.
–    The weapons of our warfare are not physical weapons, as we’ve only been given spiritual weapons.
–    Goliath mocked the children of Israel and mocked God. The Lord’s reputation is at stake and Christians should long for the world to properly know its Creator.
–    We conquer in Christ!

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear a pastor I’ve followed for several years give such a fantastic sermon. When Scripture is expounded without complication, the Holy Spirit does a work!

I’d like to leave you with a thought. We do admire men like Alistair Begg, John Piper, John MacArthur, and Mark Dever for their abilities as leaders, teachers, and speakers. I would remind everyone that these men are no more or less sanctified than you or I. As believers, we have the same gift of the Holy Spirit and the same ability to commune with our Father on a personal basis. Alistair Begg doesn’t have Jesus on speed dial. Take time to read the Bible, to speak with the Lord, and to share the Gospel with others. God intends to use His people for His glory. Let him.

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